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Kayaking :

Arrivée d'un groupe à la Chassagnite

Either on the calm water of the lake, or following the currents of our rivers, you can discover different landscapes and the wilderness (from a totally new perspective).


  • You know how to swim
  • You wear closed sport shoes
  • Use a glasses cord

Prices: Half-day (2h to 2h30) : 14,50€

              All day (4h to 5h) : 22€

Mountain biking :

Vous pouvez louer des VTT au Château de la Diège et au lac de SechemaillesWith its large forests, the Haute-Corrèze is packed with trails perfect for mountain biking. Everybody will be able to find a circuit suited to their desires on the largest network of mountain biking trails in France: 1118 kilometres, 50 circuits, starting 17 points.

Recommanded : Adapt your clothing to the weather and season

Prices : Half-day (2h to 2h30) : 14,50€ with a bike and 10€ without the bike

               All day (4h to 5h) : 22€

Archery :tir a l'arc 2

Concentration and self control are required for a good aim !

Prices : Half day (2h) : 12€



 Climbing :

1545062_1379401105657203_715724312_nTest your agility, your physical and mental limits in all safety, either indoor or outdoor, on routes adapted to your level.

Prices : half day (2h) : 14,50€



 Le parc acrobatique dans les arbres est ouvert pour petits et grands. 4 parcours vous attendent.Adventure Park :

Children or adults, you can come have a lot of intense sensations on our treetop Adventure Parks trails in a 100% preserved and natural environment. With an ideal view over the Diège, this adventure park in July and August from 12pm to 7pm, 7 days a week. We are also open during the April holidays, at weekends and public holidays in May, June and September.


  • Wear closed sport shoes
  • Gloves recommended

Prices : (- 1.10m) 3€ , (1.10m à 1.30m) child 7€, (+ de 1.30m) adult 12€


Blowpipe :

DSC_7470For everyone from 4 years upwards, inside or outside. For this activity your breath will be your biggest advantage to shoot the highest score!

Prices : Half-day (2h) : 12€




grimpe d'arbre 3 (1)Tree climbing :

Explore nature amongst the trees. You will climb to the heights of the trees in complete safety!

Prices : 2h – 14,50€/pers




course d'orientationOrientation Race :

Correzian forests become a land of adventure where you search control points with the help of a map.

Prices : 2h – 12€



Geocaching-Terra-Aventura-Tourisme-Limousin_bloc_ezflowGeocaching :

With a GPS or a smartphone, go looking for about 60 hidden caches throughout the whole Limousin region.

You can find more information in the Tourist Office or on the following website www.terra-aventura.fr

Locations on the Sechemailles Lake :



Pédalos 4 pers

6 €

10 €

Pédalos 7 pers

8 €

14 €


3 €

5 €


5 €

9 €

Stand up Paddle

6 €

11 €

the half day

the day

the week (5 days)


Location VTT

Adults 10€

Children 8€

Adults 16€

Children 12€

Adults 70€

Chilren 50€

Adults 14€/day

Children 10€/day


For more information: 05 55 72 17 96 – 06 24 12 85 72 Sport Nature Station

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